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Serving Western Washington


Serving Western Washington



HVAC Contractor in Tacoma, WA

The problem with finding a good HVAC contractor in Tacoma in the internet age is that there are simply too many options. You can head over to your favorite search engine thinking that your search will only take a few minutes and then find yourself wading through a sea of options waist deep. If you need a qualified HVAC contractor, come to Cummings Inc. We’ve worked in the area for over 35 years, we have extensive labor warranties, and we price all our services reasonably. Contact us if you’re looking for a team that can keep your home comfortable when it counts!

Home Heating Services

Your heater is one of the most important things you can have in your home if you live here in the Pacific Northwest. Our winter seasons seems to stretch on for a majority of the year. You need a great heating system to keep you comfortable in our wet and rainy weather. Furnaces are a popular way to heat homes here in Washington. If you need great furnace services, make sure you contact our team.

Heating System Installation & Repair

If you’re ready to install a new heater or repair your current system make sure that you contact our team. We have a team of NATE-certified technicians that can size your heating unit, assess the needs of your home, and install your heater to perfection. We’re the team you need for repairs too! We’re available around the clock to solve any problems that you might have in a flash. We can service any make or model heater you have.

Home Air Conditioning Services

When summer rolls around you want an air conditioner that can keep you comfortable for the right price. We service central air conditioners, ductless mini splits, and heat pumps. It doesn’t matter what make or model air conditioner you have in your home. We can install, maintain, repair, or replace any system that you currently have. Call us when you want air conditioning services that keep you cool even in the hottest summer heat!

Air Conditioning System Installation and Repair

Your air conditioning installation and repair services are two of the most important services you can have performed. Your installation is the foundation of your air conditioning system. If you don’t have great air conditioning installation your AC system will never reach its full capacity. When you’re in a bind and need great repair services you want to make sure it’s from a team that will alleviate your problems the first time—we’re that team.

Indoor Air Quality Services

How often do you take time to think about your indoor air quality? Be honest—the answer is probably "rarely" or "never." We’re here to help you change that today though. Your indoor air quality is incredibly important to your personal health, your home comfort, and to your energy levels. If you need an HRV or ERV system, a dehumidifier or humidifier, or an air filter or air purifier, make sure you contact our professionals.

Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning

We understand how important commercial heating and air conditioning services are to a business. It’s incredibly difficult to run a successful storefront in the midst of a Tacoma winter without great heating services. It would be nearly impossible to run a business without great air conditioning services during the high heat of summer. Our professionals will perform any HVAC service you need to keep your business, storefront, office, etc. comfortable 365 days a year.

Water Heater Services

Your water heater is the hardest working appliance in your home. Your water heater accounts for a whopping 17% of your home’s energy usage. This means that it consumes more energy than all your other household appliances combined. It’s absolutely imperative that you have a team you trust to perform your installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance services for this system. We can be that team for you at Cummings Inc. Contact our team today to learn more.