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Serving Western Washington


Serving Western Washington



Radiant Heating Systems in Puyallup, WA

If you’re like the vast majority of homeowners across the country, then you’re probably used to heating your home with a forced-air heating system. Your go-to heating option is probably a furnace, but heat pumps and ductless systems fall into this “forced-air” category too. Forced-air heaters are great for our climate, but radiant heating systems can be an even better option to keep you warm through the winter.

If you’re interested in the idea of installing one of these systems, you can count on our technicians at Cummings Inc. to inform you about all your options. We install gas, oil, and electric radiant heating systems. Choose us and you’ll be warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer.

If you’re ready to make the switch from forced air to radiant heating contact our team.

What is Radiant Heating?

So let’s get into the details—what is a radiant heating system? A radiant heating system is a system that either uses heated water or electricity to heat your home. We like to use in-floor heating with our customers because it’s so effective.

The system works like this: electrical wires (or small pipes if you go with a hydronic system) run underneath the floor or through the walls leading to an endpoint like a baseboard heater or a radiator. If you don’t have a network of ducts in your home already, or if you’ve just discovered that forced-air heating isn’t effective for you, then it’s a great idea to consider radiant heating.

Why You Should Consider In-Floor Heating

So why should you consider a radiant heater? Well, there are many benefits to radiant heating like…

  • Greater Comfort: The heating from a forced-air system is great but it simply can’t compare to radiant heating. Radiant heating feels like the sun shining down on you on a hot day. Many homeowners prefer this because it simply feels better!
  • Energy-Savings: In-floor heating is much more efficient than forced-air heating.
  • Even Heating: Forced-air heating is a little difficult because heat naturally rises. If you have a two-story home the air might gather at the ceiling before spreading to the rest of the room. Radiant heating eliminates this problem by spreading through the floor.

The Best Radiant Heating Services in Puyallup

If you choose a radiant heating system for your home then your next decision is the fuel source. If you’re like many homeowners here in Washington you’re probably only used to forced-air heating systems. If you’re unsure whether you should choose natural gas, oil, or an electric system our experts will help you decide. We have more than 35 years of experience installing radiant heating systems here in Washington—we can install your radiant heater flawlessly too!

We’re the right team of technicians to guide you through the world of radiant heating. We’re a team full of NATE-certified technicians and have an A+ BBB rating. You don’t have to employ the likes of an amateur just to save yourself a few bucks. You can come to the professionals at our team and get quality service at an affordable price.