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Serving Western Washington


Serving Western Washington



Heat Pumps in Puyallup, WA

You should be able to keep your home comfortable throughout the entire year. In most circumstances, this means that you’d have a standard set up using an air conditioner (typically central AC) and a heater (typically a furnace) to make sure that you’re comfortable 365 days a year. This is a classic set up that homeowners have relied on for years, however, it’s not always the best option for every single home.

Using a heat pump is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly way to heat and cool your home. The best thing about a heat pump is the fact that you can have great temperature control all from one system. If you’re interested in a heat pump, contact our professionals. We’ll be there to walk you through the process every step of the way.

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What is a Heat Pump Exactly?

Not exactly sure what a heat pump is? You’re not alone. "Heat pump" is typically one of those terms that you hear thrown around and understand the general meaning of but don’t exactly know the actual definition of. A heat pump is a climate control system that can both heat and cool all from one unit. This unit can do this with something called a reversing valve.

Heat pumps are great because they move the air throughout your home rather than generating it like a typical air conditioning system would. Because of this, heat pumps are an energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective option for any homeowner here in Puyallup. If you need year-round comfort that you can count on, choose one of these systems.

When it’s Time to Replace

Trying to determine when it’s time for heat pump replacement? Here are a few clear signs:

  • You’ve had it Longer than 10 Years: The average heat pump is meant to last around a decade. If you start pushing it past this point then it’s time for you to replace your system. Pushing your heat pump past its prime will cost you more money in the long run.
  • You Repair the System Often: Do you have to repair your heat pump more often than once every few years? This means that you’re pouring money into a system that’s completely faulty. Don’t waste your money—upgrade your system.
  • You’re Paying Too Much: Do your heating and air conditioning bills make you cringe? This is a sign that you need a new heat pump. Make sure you contact our team at the first sign of trouble.

We specialize in heat pump replacement and heat pump installation services. When you’re in need of quality service make sure you contact Cummings Inc.

We’ve Got Your Heat Pump Services Covered

You can come to use when you need heat pump repair and heat pump maintenance too. We offer the full range of heat pump services. Not every HVAC contractor in our area can say the same. We know that it might be a little tempting to take a crack at these services on your own, but trust us, heat pump maintenance, heat pump repair, and heat pump installation services are always best when you come to a professional. We’ve worked in homes just like yours here in Puyallup for 35 years. We know what it takes to keep you comfortable. When you choose our team you will be warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer.