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Why Now is a Great Time to Replace Your AC


We are still in the middle of winter so why are we discussing air conditioning? Shouldn’t this be the furthest thing from your mind? Well, yes and no. We think about the care and keeping of every part of your HVAC system all year long and there is a reason for that.

Even in the “off-season” for cooling, there are things you can do to help guarantee your summertime comfort. Why do them in the wintertime? Because you aren’t using your air conditioner of course! While it is still brisk outside and you won’t be requesting cold air for a few more months, let’s talk about if and when you need to schedule an HVAC replacement in Puyallup.

When You Need an AC Replacement

So, first things first, how are you supposed to tell when you need a replacement system for your AC? We have a few indicators that can help you tell the time has come:

  1. Your System is 15 Years Old or More: If your AC system could soon be old enough to qualify for a driver’s license, you will want to consider getting a replacement soon. While it may not break down anytime soon, an AC this old will rapidly lose its efficiency and may lose its ability to cool the home in the near future.
  2. Repair Costs Have Skyrocketed: So, your air conditioner is still running but the repairs that you have had to schedule over the past year or two have been on the expensive side. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if you have repairs that cost the same as half the price of a new system, you would be better off simply opting for a replacement.
  3. Your Cooler Isn’t Cooling: Maybe you noticed reduced airflow during summertime or picked up on the fact that your system wasn’t cooling your home as easily as usual. If your AC can’t offer cold air, you need to replace it with one that does!

A Note About R-22

One more thing to remember. Even if your system is running well and has been maintained so efficiently that it operates like new, if it utilizes R-22 refrigerant you will still want to discuss getting a replacement sooner than later. R-22 is no longer in production, meaning if you need a recharge after a refrigerant leak, the price is likely to be quite high. What’s more, you can’t just replace R-22 with the new refrigerant R-410A because the system won’t be able to provide the proper compression power. In short, if you have an AC running on R-22, the sooner you look into a replacement system, the better your situation will be for you and the environment.

Professional Technicians Get the Job Done Right

Still not sure whether you need to get a new cooling unit? We can help. Our team of professionals provides quality services and keeps you on the up-and-up about what is happening in your HVAC system. Whatever questions you have about your home comfort systems, we are glad to answer.

Contact Cummings Inc. today to discuss your air conditioning replacement options. You will be warm in the Winter and comfortably cool in the Summer

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