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Is Your AC Ready?


Cooling season is just around the corner so we want you to ask yourself this question: Is your air conditioner ready for summer? Before you answer that question, we would encourage you to really think about how well your system was operating last summer. If you are realizing that you aren’t sure about how well your cooling system is going to hold up during the warmer months of the year, then it is likely time for a check-up from a professional.

We know that sometimes scheduling an appointment with a professional technician can seem like it is too much but the reality is that maintenance from an expert can make or break your comfort this summer.

Let us explain why.

How AC Maintenance Benefits You

All too often we encounter people who don’t think that maintenance is worth their time or their money. We want to combat that myth because it is a full-blown falsehood. Maintenance is absolutely worth it; in fact, it can be the thing that guarantees your comfort this year.

We do understand the skepticism though. That is why we’ve listed some benefits of air conditioning maintenance in Puyallup.

  • It Gives Your Energy Efficiency a Boost: A well-maintained air conditioner will use much less energy to accomplish its goal of cooling your home than a poorly maintained one would. Maintenance can help your system operate with an efficiency level similar to the one it had when it was newly installed for years. This is good for your wallet, your comfort, and the environment.
  • It Reduces Your Need For Repairs: Maintenance can often take the place of repair services that would otherwise pop up at the worst possible moment. While it won’t completely stop your system’s need for repairs, it will reduce them by a large margin.
  • It Lowers Your Utility Bills: Higher efficiency translates to less energy used which means, you guessed it, lower utility bills.
  • It Helps You Prepare For a System Replacement: A professional technician performing maintenance won’t just make sure things are in working order and split; they’ll take a good look at how long your system is likely to last. When you schedule yearly maintenance, it gives a professional the chance to alert you when you need to start planning for a replacement air conditioning unit.

Maintenance Works Best with Professional Services

Hopefully, we have made a good case for why you should consider having someone come by to give your air conditioner a once over before you need to turn it on this year. We do want to warn you though that these benefits are only possible with work provided by a professional HVAC technician. While an amateur might advertise crazy cheap pricing, in most cases you’ll end up with pricey repairs and an early system replacement on your hands which will cost far more.

Don’t risk it. The next time you need maintenance or repairs for your AC, reach out to a professional like the ones at Cummings Inc.

Contact Cummings Inc today for service you can trust. You will be warm in the Winter and comfortably cool in the Summer 

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